Wireless LED controls for business, LED Controllers.

Verde Controls has been designed to enhance the energy saving potential of LED lighting using lux meters and presence detectors, taking advantage of wireless technology. It combines the management capability of a traditional wired control system and the flexibility and adaptability of a wireless mesh network.

The result is a system controlled centrally – physically and remotely -, that can be modified and expanded in terms of number and composition of the groups of lights.
After the initial configuration, where the user preferences are defined, Verde Controls is able to perform the energy saving autonomously without the need of further human intervention. It also collects data about consumption and savings that can be retrieved at any time.

The system is also able to adapt to environmental variables and human habits creating an optimal balance between energy saving features and user comfort.

Verde Controls is a flexible, plug and play wireless control system for LED lights, with an intuitive centralised user interface. The purpose of Verde Controls is to further improve the energy savings of LED installations through a combination of daylight harvesting and presence detectors, without having to alter the building infrastructure.
Verde Controls proved to be able to reduce the power consumption up to 70% on top of the LED savings.

Easy integration with your Building Management System (BMS)